The Canadian Rockies Pt 1: Lake Louise

First stop on our Canadian Rockies adventure: the famous Lake Louise.

On the way to Little Beehive!

After spending one night in Calgary, our adventure started in earnest as we made our way to the Fairmont Chateau at Lake Louise, a small lake famous for its turquoise blue waters. The hotel is definitely impressive, but pales in comparison to the lake, framed on the other side by Victoria Glacier. Here’s a picture:

Lake Louise looking out from the Fairmont Chateau

We eagerly dropped off our bags and started on the hike: to Lake Agnes Tea House, a hike-in only tea house nestled about an hour up the mountain from the hotel. It was a tough climb for me, especially to start… I think between elevation and dehydration I was fighting a losing battle! 😦 But we made it… and the tea house was worth it! We had nothing more complicated than tea and tea biscuits but it was possibly the most satisfying meal of the entire trip!

It was COLD at the top! But we got a little guidebook reading in while waiting for our food.

We continued past the tea house to Little Beehive, took some great photos at the top and then made the trek back down (which was a LOT more pleasant!).

After some additional photo opps back at the lake, we relaxed back in our hotel room until cocktails and dinner. That night, we ate at the Fairmont’s Italian restaurant (Lago). I had risotto, which was really good but very rich… so I filled up on it pretty quickly. Making plans to meet early for a canoe ride the next morning, we headed to bed with tired legs and stuffed bellies.

The next morning, we had a quick buffet breakfast and headed to the boat house to grab our picturesque red canoes. [Aside: Joe told me that most canoes are red?? Can someone verify??] We spent an hour canoeing, even Facetiming our families from the lake! It was really fun and very beautiful. Being on the lake and looking back at the Chateau gave me a much better appreciation of the hotel’s special location.

With a last look to the famous lake, we headed to the next part of our adventure… the Icefields Parkway road trip.


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